About Good Remote Jobs

Why another remote job board?

The goal for job seekers

We exist to help you find remote teams that you really want to be part of, before you spend your time on the application and interview processes, and ultimately land a great position.

The goal for companies/teams

We exist to help you filter applicant noise and ultimately attract candidates that would make great additions to your team (for high good-fit/applicant ratio).

Hiring is first a selling process, then a vetting one.

Focus on the team

From our experience, the “who for” and “who with” of one’s work are just as important, if not more important, than other aspects.

The benefits of being team focused

  • Less churn
  • Increased work satisfaction
  • Increased desire to meaningfully contribute
  • Increased sense of purpose (especially in one’s work)
  • Decreased likelihood of burn out (or better handling it if/when it comes)
  • Better overall spirit amongst the team (ultimately resulting in a better outcome)

Next steps for job seekers

Before spending your most precious asset (time) applying to yet another job, first learn everything you can about the team. Then ask if you really want to be part of it. Yes? Great! Apply. No? Not sure? Continue the search for a team that’s right.

If you see any ways we can better help you achieve this goal, do be in touch.

Next steps for companies/teams

Add your team to Good Remote Jobs! We’ve spent lots of time creating a first-class listing-management system for controlling everything that matters. Also, know that your company and team profiles stay up forever after you post your first job (and job postings are currently free).