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We are a completely remote team, working from 18 different countries and 15 different timezones.

47 people,
100% remote


Location & Timezone
Nomad friendly

Our team collectively works across 15 timezones. Some positions require working within specific timezone ranges and others don't.

CommunicationWe use Discourse to build Discourse

Deep-work friendly

We use Discourse as our primary team coordination tool to build Discourse. Discourse excels at asynchronous, distributed teamwork, so we can keep interruptions like instant messaging, calls, and meetings to a minimum.

We also have a single weekly video call to catch up and stay connected, but we try to keep meetings and calls to an absolute minimum.

Image for the QA section We use Discourse to build Discourse

Preventing burnoutFlexible schedules & sane expectations

Flexible schedule
Parental leave
Minimal meetings

We encourage all of our team members to take both short and long breaks from the keyboard. This means simple daily breaks for stretching and getting fresh air and also longer breaks for things vacations.

Welcoming in a new born to your family? Don't let work add to your stress! We have a super generous parental leave policy.

GatheringsYearly world meetup

Exotic location(s)
Expenses covered
Family friendly

As a remote team we don’t see each other much, so we come together in an all-expenses-paid week once every year, in a host city represented by someone that works at Discourse. So far we’ve been to San Francisco, Toronto, Sydney, France, India, Singapore, and Montréal!

PersonalityFriendly yet professional and productive

Highly professional
Jokes allowed

Our team spans 6 continents and 15 timezones, making us a diverse bunch. We're friendly and approachable, yet maintain a degree of professionalism.


  • Co-located office expenses
  • Completely flexible schedule
  • We'll buy you cutting-edge hardware
  • Paid maternity/paternity leave

Vacation policy

Five weeks of vacation. Plus all major holidays. We’re very flexible — as long as work is getting done, set your schedule as you need to.