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“Hiring is first a selling process, then a vetting one.”

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Answers (to questions you may have)

How much does it cost?

Job posting is currently free while we’re in our initial onboarding phase. After that, each job posting will cost $300 for 30 days. Team and company profiles will stay up forever after you post your first job opening.

How long will you be in the initial onboarding phase?

We don’t know. The goal of this period is to solve the “chick and egg” problem (i.e. to make the site valuable for both teams and job seekers) and also to iron-out any rough edges. After it’s over, we’ll apply a free 30-day credit to existing job postings.

Can I create and preview profiles and job postings before they go live?

Yes, absolutely.

I have another question, can you answer it?

We’ll do our best! Reach out to us at