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Do I have to pay anything to create a profile for my team?

No! If you work for a good remote team, please list it. There’s no credit card required and it should only take a few minutes. To add your team, go here.

How is Good Remote Jobs different?

The primary difference is that we ask each team to provide insight on the following:

  1. Communication :: How does the team communicate?
  2. Balance :: How does the team help to prevent burnout?
  3. Gatherings :: How often and in what ways does the team gather (in person)?
  4. Unity :: What is the overall spirit of the team that helps unite it?

For job seekers, this insight helps prioritize top picks.

For teams that are hiring, this insight helps applicants effectively pre-screen themselves.

Why are profiles free?

Profiles on Good Remote Jobs are free because it should be easy to learn about teams who are “good at remote” and to encourage other teams to “do remote” better.

Why are job posts not free?

In order to keep the project financially sustainable. However, unlike other sites that charge for every job post, we have just one monthly fee for unlimited job posts.

Why another remote job board?

Because most other job boards (include remote-specific ones) do not give job seekers much, if any, important insight on the team. Remote work comes with unique challenges that deserve attention before job seekers spend their time applying.