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Technical Advocate

Employment type
Full time
Location requirements (work from)
Any location
Timezone requirements (work during)
Any timezone
Job role
Developer advocate
Primary role
Experience level
Senior level
Job technologies
JavaScript, Ruby on Rails

About the job

This job posting is for someone who is in between the UTC +12 and UTC -7 timezone, which encompasses New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and the western half of North and South America.

Technical Advocates at Discourse are generalists. Daily tasks include supporting customers via our public forums and our support inboxes, reproducing bugs for our engineers to fix, and handling day to day tasks managing customer sites on our infrastructure (e.g. moving sites between tiers, restoring backups, etc.). Some days you may be helping a customer to tweak their CSS, other days you may be jumping on a call with a potential customer to talk about plugin requirements or writing SQL queries.

Discourse is primarily a hosting company: the majority of the work you will do will be supporting our customers, or assisting with customer-specific implementations and migrations.

About you

You work well independently and remotely with minimal amounts of day-to-day micromanagement. You should be comfortable managing your own time and prioritizing your own work. At Discourse the ability to communicate well in writing is paramount. Most of your interaction with team members will be in writing. You will also interact regularly with the public on meta.discourse.org. We have no central physical office, we are 100% remote.

You have an excellent working knowledge of Discourse, including experience with the Discourse admin interface, and you are comfortable using the command line and Rails console.

Bonus points if you’re comfortable digging into Linux, MySQL, and Ruby/Rails because that means you could help with migrations onto Discourse from other platforms.

You have great customer service skills, like responsiveness, follow-through, and empathizing with customer needs. Taking care of customers is a high priority for you. You’re not afraid to ask for help or escalate a task if you find yourself stuck, but you take the time to learn so that you can take on the same task yourself if it comes up again.

You should be someone that is details focused and follows up on loose ends. You must be comfortable keeping several balls in the air at once, but with the ability to find and focus on special projects during quieter times.

You should be kind to your co-workers. We believe strongly in having a welcoming workplace where people with very diverse backgrounds and cultures meet together to create something great.

About our Pay & Benefits

Discourse pays competitive salaries factoring your geographic region. We provide many benefits including a very flexible work schedule, 5 weeks of holiday a year, funding for a co-working space, and more listed at: discourse.org/team

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