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We are helping teams work more thoughtfully. We're building an outstanding team to do so.

Location & Timezone

Nomad friendly

Our team currently spans eleven countries. Live where you want, work when you want.



Two to four times a year we get together in what we call "OffSlites". 


Since much of the team is based in Europe, and France specifically, we've been to places like Carpentras, Champagne, Aix-en-Provence, Tours, and even a chateau outside of Paris once. We choose relatively remote locations, because we want to carve some time to spend in the great outdoors, away from our screens. (Productivity tip: try a whiteboarding session in a corn field. Just trust me.)


  1. Team buildings :: These are our fun activities (skiing, laser tag, hiking, dancing, and much more).
  2. Alignment on strategy :: This is where we get on the same page (discussing roadmaps, new products, new strategies, etc).
  3. Innovation :: These are our Builds! They're so important to us, we've even written a whole post about them. Briefly, a build is a project that a small team (say 2-4 people) can ship in a week. Builds include product features, as well as Marketing, Sales, and HR projects too. Often, a build is something that we wouldn't do during a regular cycle.


In 2021 we introduced catered meals at our OffSlites for our main meals. They're easier, less stressful, and are always super tasty. 

For food outside of the main meal, the team usually goes on supermarket runs where they get beverages, snacks, etc for the whole team and any special products for themselves.


Learn more about our OffSlites on our blog.

What’s Slite?

We are helping teams work more thoughtfully. We're building an outstanding team to do so.

We offer a new way for remote teams to do their best work. Our mission is to help people thrive in a remote world by empowering teams with a toolkit dedicated to making their work as efficient and joyful as office work could ever be.